The Three Parts That are Responsible for Most Problems With Irrigation Systems in Phoenix

The Valley of the Sun is home to many native plants that are well suited to the dry, harsh local climate. Other types of greenery, though, need some help if they are to thrive with so little natural moisture and under such frequently intense heat.

As a result, many homes in Phoenix feature irrigation systems that help keep grass, shrubs, trees, and other types of plants properly watered. While most of these setups prove quite reliable over time, problems can always crop up. A few specific issues combine to account for most Phoenix sprinkler repair calls.

Irrigation Systems of All Kinds Share Some Vulnerabilities

There are a variety of different types of irrigation systems that can be installed to supply various sorts of plants with the water they need. All of these are alike, though, with regard to certain basic components that they include. Many problems with sprinklers and other types of irrigation systems involve parts such as:

Valves. Every type of irrigation setup needs to include valves that control the flow of water. Because valves rely on moving parts, they are especially susceptible to problems compared to the norm. Valves can become stuck open or shut and can also succumb to stickiness that makes them unpredictable. Arranging for a sprinkler valve replacement will normally be all that it takes to resolve such problems for good.

Heads. Different types of irrigation systems have different means of actually dispensing water. Retractable sprinkler heads might be protected from damage at most times but become vulnerable when they pop up from the ground. The nozzles on drip systems that feed water to shrubs and trees can likewise suffer damage from various sources. As a result, one of the most common types of drip system repair in the area focuses on these parts.

Pipes. Irrigation systems must be connected to a source of water in order to enable their functionality. When a pipe or hose buried beneath a yard develops a leak or a clog, the problem must be addressed right away. Although such issues are fairly rare, they can leave an irrigation system entirely dysfunctional while creating related difficulties.

Effective Help is Never Far Away

Experts at sprinkler repair in phoenix are consistently able to resolve problems affecting components like these and others. In many cases, simply identifying the cause of trouble with an irrigation system will make the required course of action quite clear. As a result, it should never be necessary to go for long without the important, valuable type of service such assets provide.


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